urban tactics + media ecologies

a workshop at strelka in moscow July 13th to 21st

Operation “Free Red October”

Team: Polina Filippova, Tatyana Manchenko, Ekaterina Goncharova, Ekaterina Levitskaya, Nitin Sawhney. Our team conducted a study of the territory of Red October (a former factory) as a public space. We … Continue reading

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Public Presentation: Urban Tactics + Media Ecologies in Moscow

Public Presentation of Final Projects :: Friday, July 20 @ Strelka This event showcased exploratory projects examining how urban tactics, technology, and networked media can be used to investigate and design participatory … Continue reading

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Day 5: Mobile and Paper Based Perception Sampling in Red October

We employed two approaches for collecting visitor and resident perceptions of the Red October Factory district. A general survey measured preconceptions of visitors and residents while the app-based experience sampling … Continue reading

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Day 5: Citizen Communication Tactics Research in Troparevo-Nikulino

В рамках воркшопа было проведено исследование практик взаимодействия между жителями района Тропарево-Никулино, местными активистами и муниципалитетом при решении городских проблем. Уровни коммуникации: В зависимости от решаемой проблемы, жители объединяются на … Continue reading

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Day 5: Approaches to Synchronizing the City – IBM Smarter Cities & Dom.Dvor.Dorogi

To contrast the top-down and bottom-up approaches for synchronizing civic activity in Moscow, we brought Andrey Tikhonov from IBM Smarter Cities initiative in Moscow together for a conversation with the … Continue reading

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Day 4: Synthesizing All Our Research Activities

  With our research work complete, we worked on articulating the challenges, opportunities, stakeholders for the individual research sites. Red October Challenges/Issues Several problems were indicated but we will deal … Continue reading

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Day 3: OccupyAbay

  [audio http://www.projectwith.us/urbantacticsmoscow/abay-2.m4a] After Schukino and Koptevo our workshop joined Occupy’s outdoor living room.

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Day 3: Schukino and Koptevo

Anton from Partizaning briefed the workshop participants on the districts that would inform our design research work. Our field research today we take us to Schukino and Koptevo, adjoined districts … Continue reading

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Urban Tactics: Making Things Look Official

Caroline Woolard’s Public Seat project is a great example of tactical urbanism because it takes on the material look and feel of the official street signs. Some of the improvised … Continue reading

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Day 2: Mapping Krasny Oktyabr

Yesterday, the group was challenged to consider the media ecology of the Red October district. In three groups we visited several different restaurants and establishments that populate the district to … Continue reading

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